I’ve always been a teller of stories. I’m fascinated by stories that express what it means or what it’s like to be human in our time.

I love adventure and there’s a rumor out there that I’ve lived an adventurous life so far. I love making the invisible visible. I love creating characters. When I’m writing, the characters tend to reveal themselves to me first, then they reveal their actions to me, and then the rest flows. And then I rewriiiite…

I love my weekly writing class in Los Angeles with Maia Danziger (www.relaxandwrite.com) who I’ve been studying with for seven years. My MFA is in acting, hence the love of creating characters. I’ve also studied dramatic structure and practiced it as a play director. I discovered that directing a play is easier than writing a novel but not all that different.

I spent 6+ years writing my novel, Sailing with the Ancestors. I guess I just find it hard to put down a good, long book  – mine or someone else’s. I love reading short stories as much as I do eating bonbons. And I’ve written lots of short stories (and eaten too many bonbons).

In the past, my writer’s voice has come forth in other genres in addition to fiction. I wrote a play called Simone at 9000 Feet and also performed in a production of it. I’ve written reviews of plays and films, most notably a review of The King’s Speech for Psychological Perspectives Journal. As a university professor and graduate student, I wrote several essays and academic papers on mythology and Jungian archetypes in literature and drama, the intersection of actor and voice training, and quite a lot on accessing imagination and creative process.  The subject of my MFA thesis was my performance and creation of the character of May in Sam Shepard’s play Fool for Love. I’ve written a bit of poetry, and am a life-long journal-keeper.

For what its worth, I think reading fiction helps us all to know ourselves in some small or large way.

Currently, I’m working on a book of short stories and am querying my novel. Please contact me if you’d like more information.