Adele’s hard at work on her book about the voice work she teaches! The book to be released in OCTOBER 2022

Excerpt from Adele Cabot’s Upcoming Book:

For over a quarter of a century I’ve been working with all types of people untangling the mysteries of the human speaking voice. Many factors are involved in creating and shaping the unique sound of a person’s voice and many things can block the human voice from being all it can be, limiting it, or even stopping completely the unique, authentic vocal expression of the speaker. Voices, like fingerprints, are unique.

I am endlessly fascinated by the human voice and its intricate relationship with human experience, individuality, and expression. Without trying, the sound of your voice tells the story of who you are and what you’ve been through in your life experience, and in a kind of ancestral vocal legacy, your voice can reveal glimpses into the experiences of the people you descend from, including potentially the traumas or successes of your ancestors. Your voice reveals who you are and knowing how to use it effectively can help you to be more fully who you are in the world and in your relationships.

At times, the vibrations of your voice emanate from a deep place in you and in those moments your voice can touch and move both large groups of people, or just one loved one. Your voice can inspire and empower others, easily communicate the nuance in complex thoughts, or speak with such natural authenticity that all other humans, based simply on our common humanity can feel and understand. These are empowering skills that you can cultivate in yourself and get better at doing.

Working as a voice coach for the speaking voice has helped me comprehend the human desire to speak and communicate and make things happen in the world, but more importantly, it has helped me to fathom the expression of the human spirit.

It’s always struck me as a missed opportunity that such a powerful and profound thing as knowing your own voice is a subject that’s rarely considered by most of the people in our world. Who benefits when you don’t know how use you voice fully? Not you.

My intention for this book and for my voice coaching work in general, is for people to be inspired to take the journey of exploring and expanding their voices and along with it, to develop a greater consciousness of the power of their own speaking voice.

Copyrighted, Adele Cabot 9/22


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Writer and Performer in fully produced production, One-Act Play, Simone at 9000 Feet, 1996.

Not yet published: One completed novel, one in-process speculative fiction novel, numerous short stories.