I’ve always been a teller of stories. I’m fascinated by stories that express what it’s like to be human in our time.

I started writing my novel, American Spirits in January 2012. I find it hard to put down a good, long book  – mine or someone else’s. I love reading short stories as much as I do eating bonbons. And I’ve written lots of short stories (and eaten too many bonbons).

Other experience :  A play called Simone at 9000 Feet (fully realized production). Play and film reviews, including a review of The King’s Speech for Psychological Perspectives Journal. Academic papers and essays on mythology and Jungian archetypes in literature and drama, the intersection of actor and voice training, and quite a lot on accessing imagination and creative process.  The subject of my MFA thesis was my performance and creation of the character of May in Sam Shepard’s play Fool for Love.  Poetry and journals.

Currently, I’m working on a book of short stories and am querying my novel. Please contact me if you’d like more information.