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Upcoming Linklater Voice Classes for Actors


Voice Brush UP! November 17th! 

3 hour One Day Voice Workshop OPEN TO ALL. 10-1:00 – potentially longer if necessary. Brush Up your voice, get it in shape for upcoming workshops, auditions, or just cuz. – Linklater Warm-up, special attention where needed.


Level 1:
Linklater Voice – The Essentials
The Level 1 Class includes a blend of technical and artistic work. Breath, Alignment, Resonance, Releasing the Jaw, Relaxing the Tongue, and Soft Palate work to find greater ease and relaxation both vocally and physically. Very deep group and individualized work. Connect to your breath and voice, express thought and feeling more easily and with greater specificity. Small class -Includes application to monologue.

Tuesdays,January 15 – March 5
7pm – 10pm
Price: $525.00
Location: Culver City
Taught by Adele Cabot
Contact Anna to register:
Contact Adele if you have questions about the work:
Nonrefundable $100.00 deposit reserves your space in class. Balance due 2 weeks before class starts. No credits or refunds for missed classes.

LINKLATER VOICE LEVEL 2: Personalizing Vocal Your Range

In this class you will work on expanding your vocal range to your full 3-4 octave speaking range. Find the parts of your voice you don’t use or have shut down,  find yourself  and deeper specificity in all areas of your voice. Explore your  vocal range through group work and individual attention.
Includes application to text.DETAILS: 

Tuesdays, April 16th to June 4th

Price: $525.00
Location: Culver City
Taught by Adele Cabot
Must have completed Level 1 or equivalent

Contact Anna to register:

Nonrefundable $100.00 deposit reserves your space in class. Balance due before class starts. No credits or refunds for missed classes.


Level 3 Intensive!!
3 days: March 14-16

Advanced Class for anyone who’s completed Levels 1 & 2. Also open to Linklater Teacher Trainees.

What your voice can express is bottomless.  The test of a truly masterful actor is having a voice that can express so much more than a general wash of emotion or thought. Being human is complicated. We sometimes feel many things at the same time and often these emotions and thoughts are in conflict with each other. Being able to express the many different things we think and feel at once through your voice is sometimes called having a lot of colors in your voice. The more specific you are and the more free and open your voice is, the more colors your voice will have.

We will work on:
-Upper Resonators and high energy voice: screaming, laughing, crying
-Sound and Movement: total immersion into fully embodying your voice
-Expanding on text work done in level 1&2.
-Individual issues and problems

March 14-16, 2019 
10:00 am – 5:00 PM
Price: $525.00
LocationCulver City

Taught by Adele Cabot

Contact Adele directly if you would like to apply for this
Advanced Voice Class for anyone who has completed Level 1 & 2 or equivalent and for Linklater Teacher Trainees.

Nonrefundable $100.00 deposit reserves your space in class. Balance due before class starts. No credits or refunds for missed classes.



Adele teaches the Linklater Voice Progression in two sets of classes which meet for one 3 – 3 1/2 hour class once a week for eight weeks each.

Level 1 covers the first half of the Linklater work including – the foundation essentials of voice work – alignment, breath, sound, embodying and extending the vibrations of your voice, work opening the channel: Jaw, Tongue, & Soft Palate.

There is application of the voice exercises to monologue, group & individual work in front of the class. The class is 12-14 people. The work is helps you find a deeper connection to emotion and thought, deepen awareness of your voice and release of tensions and other blocks, increased range and resonance.

Level 2 covers the second half of the Linklater Voice Progression and focuses on increasing your breath power and personalizing and expanding your vocal range.

You must take level 1 before you take level 2 because the voice work is progressive and builds on itself.

Level 2 is 12-14 people, with group and individual monologue work in front of the class. Classes are $525.00

Level 1 classes generally begin in mid-January and Mid-August and are followed by Level 2 in April and October. The best way to find out about classes as they are announced is to sign up for the newsletter and like the Facebook page.

Level 3 is sometimes offered to those who have finished levels 1 & 2, but want to continue practicing and developing their voice.

Classes often fill up quickly after they are announced.

Work specifically in private session tailored to your vocal needs. Contact Us to schedule your free ½ hour consultation with Adele Cabot.

Cost $150.00 an hour

Please contact us now if you know you would like to sign up for any of the classes or for private sessions.