Linklater Voice, also called Freeing the Natural Voice, is a voice technique developed by Kristin Linklater and is taught in most of the best actor training programs in America as well as abroad.

Linklater Voice helps you to become more aware of the physical and other types of tensions or blocks that may be preventing your voice from being all it can be. The exercises when practiced, with a teacher at first and then on your own, will help you to release these tensions so that your own natural, authentic voice can integrate into your acting and your life.

The voice work is both practical and creative. You learn a specific voice warm up and apply the work to text.

Your natural voice is capable of expressing the whole range of human emotion, thought, and intention with precise specificity and ease. Most people, from a life-time of living and surviving, develop habits that stop or block their voice. That block might feel like a tight throat, a pitch or tone that feels unnatural, or other manifestation. In the voice work the exercises are designed to release these old habits, expand your vocal range, and plug your voice into your acting and self.

Working on your voice can bring about easier access and deeper, more specific expression of your emotions as they come up naturally while acting. It can also promote clearer expression of thought, and a more powerful experience of presence and focus. It can offer a way to connect to yourself, your character, and text.

Linklater Voice is taught in many of the premier Actor Training Programs and in University Training Programs in the US and abroad. Many actors find that voice work is the corner stone of actor training; the matrix from which the acting grows. Working on your voice in this way is a process and not about finding a voice that is “perfect” in some abstract way but finding and expanding your voice, so that it can express the uniqueness of you/your character in each spontaneous moment.