Thank you to all who’ve contacted me during the quarantine for Covid-19.

I am doing online private sessions for voice work of all kinds and for General American Dialect. Click here for more info on LAVoiceJoy. And I’ve been working online a lot lately with people doing podcasts and video presentations of all kinds. My voice downloads are for sale on the STORE page and can be a good way to stay connected to your voice during the close down.

As we all know, this is a weird time! There’s a lot of change happening on the individual and group level. Voice work is often about bringing what’s on the inside to the outside through your voice. It will be very powerful to come back to group work whether in person or on Zoom. I will be offering group work soon – to find out about it, please check your email settings to be sure you’re getting my newsletter (from [email protected]) in your regular mail and not in junk mail. And if you’re not getting my emails, feel free to sign up for the newsletter on this site. Please follow me on social media by clicking on the icons to get up to the second updates!

I too, like many people, have been going inward during this time and working on my latest book about my life in voice.

I’m available for podcasts and television interviews about finding the power of your voice and other voice topics that are relevant to the weird time or the regular time.

Contact me directly for more information.