Two to four day Voice Intensives are taught one to two times a year. They give you an opportunity for concentrated voice work that can help move you through to the next level more quickly.



Voice and The Archetypes. July 12-13, 2019

Discover and deepen your authentic connection to the voice and body of characters within you in this two day workshop built around universal archetypes.  Expand  the range of how you can be cast, how you perform characters you didn’t know you had within your grasp, and embrace your potential of expression.  Bring two monologues, deep curiosity and your desire to grow.

This is an advanced voice/acting/movement workshop for anyone who has completed Level 1 & 2 Linklater Voice or has substantial work in other vocal techniques.

We are thrilled to welcome Master Teacher Leigh Wilson Smiley who will co-teach with Adele Cabot.
Stay tuned for more information about this powerful workshop opportunity.

Please contact Adele Cabot directly if you would like to be a part of this extraordinary two day workshop. adele@adelecabot.com

Nonrefundable $100.00 deposit reserves your space in class. Balance due before class starts. No credits, make-ups, or refunds for missed classes


Past Intensives offered:

Level 3 Intensive!
Sound and Movement and the Text

Advanced Class for anyone who’s completed Levels 1 & 2. Also open to Linklater Teacher Trainees.What your voice can express is bottomless.  The test of a truly masterful actor is having a voice that can express so much more than a general wash of emotion or thought. Being human is complicated. We sometimes feel many things at the same time and often these emotions and thoughts are in conflict with each other. Being able to express the many different things we think and feel at once through your voice is sometimes called having a lot of colors in your voice. The more specific you are and the more free and open your voice is, the more colors your voice will have.

We will work on:
-Upper Resonators and high energy voice: screaming, laughing, crying
-Sound and Movement: total immersion into fully embodying your voice
-Expanding on text work done in level 1&2.
-Individual issues and problems

Four-Day Voice Intensive featuring Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement. These two subtle movement techniques tend to foster a deeper sense of ease, relaxation, and awareness of impulse. Intensive offered three expert teachers in their fields – Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais “Awareness through Movement” and Linklater Voice.


Two-Day Voice for Camera Acting. Many actors who work on camera often speak about their voices feeling minimized by the mic. In this Intensive we work to stay connected to impulse while using your whole 4 octave speaking range without the volume needed for stage work. Don’t loose expression because you have to speak with less volume.

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