For Business Professionals, Lawyers, or anyone whose speaking voice is essential to their job.

How well you are heard and understood is a measure of your power. Vocal communication skills are key to how you will be perceived and responded to in the work place.

Adele Cabot can quickly “diagnose” your vocal or speech habits, and work with you to improve your voice, speech, and personal power while giving presentations, talks, and speeches or in personal interactions.

Have you heard this type of feedback from other people about your voice or speech: “Your voice is too high, too low, too small, monotone, too soft, or can’t be understood.” Tired of people saying, “What?” to you a lot? These things are usually caused by old habits and the way you’re making sound. You can release old habits and learn new ones that are more natural to the way your voice works.

Overcome fear of public speaking, improve interview skills, speak more clearly and effectively about yourself, your work, communicate your vision with more confidence, clarity, spontaneity, and vocal energy.

This is what Bonnie Feldman, “DrBonnie360”, public speaker on health issues and aspiring TED Talk Presenter said about working with Adele:

“I really had no idea what a voice coach does, but lucky for me, I met Adele Cabot who has been my guiding light in thick and thin. It turns out that my small voice, which I thought was from my small stature was actually due to chronically tight neck muscles. Bad posture and lack of confidence and experience also contribute. Who knew?“

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